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The Final Lodgings of Rebirth
Sheet metal, wood, marble spheres, bicycle inner tubes, wooden spheres, light emitting diodes, wire,, 4.2mX2.8mX3m, 2014

Rebirth is an origin for metamorphoses, an entrance to other realms, a border-post.

Its definition lies in the instant one departs from ones former circumstance and enters into some place new.

It is a means to look for liberation, or for truth.

The process of rebirth is at once also that of a search for resolution, for a final place of lodging.

A discarded pool table, sinks inclined downwards into a patch of waste ground. In subterranean shadows, there arises an unfathomable, vital force. Yet the pool table has already begun to decay, becoming one gradually with the earth. It rests upon the globe amid the shifting of the seasons, the intermeshing of species, time’s sedimenting, space’s reconfiguring, all these things, all working to accelerate its disintegration.

Like an old grave, where above ground there are the symbols of a present society, its space, its time, in the corresponding place below ground, there lies another, unknown dimension, enticing, indefinite. The table intersects both upper and lower realms and is dissolved gradually between their substrates, dissipating into nothingness.