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Inna Art Space x PIN3 coffee / Liao Wenfeng: Not Flower, Nor Non-Flower

Artist: Liao Wenfeng
Date: 2024.05.21-06.30

Inna Art Space is excited to announce that we will collaborate with PIN3 Coffee to present artist Liao Wenfeng's solo project 'Not Flower, Nor Non-Flower' during the Beijing Art Week. This project will focus on approximately 30 small-scale paper paintings created by the artist after his solo exhibition at Inna Art Space in Hangzhou in 2023, and will run until June 30th.


'Not Flower, Nor Non-Flower' is a series composed of hundreds of paintings. Originating from the artist's observation of orchids, these series often depict faces emerging around the column of the flower, creating an illusion. From the perspective of Darwin's theory of biological evolution, these face-like images have evolved in orchids to attract insects for cross-pollination, resulting in a co-evolutionary relationship between insects and orchids. The artist has collected and classified these 'faces' perceived in his paintings, with each artwork representing a specific 'portrait' of a flower.


The works presented in this solo project will continue to focus on the 'portraits' within the 'Not Flower, Nor Non-Flower' series. Through these small-sized paintings measuring 10 x 12.5 cm, the artist aims to bring viewers closer to the paintings, establishing a more intimate relationship between the viewer and these microcosmic images. By depicting orchids, the artist hopes to reveal the hidden connections between human perception and that of other species within an intertwined ecosystem, and how perception influences environmental shaping.