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Offline / Wu Juehui on working in New York

Date: 2014.05.23, 19:30-20:00


The Inna Contemporary Art Space arranged this particular lecture to coincide with the evening of Wu Juehui’s alighting his inbound flight to China from New York, inviting the artist to discuss the new works “Offline Eye” and “Beak”, addressing also the issue of how - whilst there - the artist went about discovering textures resonant with his work from across different areas within New York City. As the next stop in a series of events staged by the BUS collective, at the same time, Lu Tao took digital passages of the city, rendering these newly visible via his chosen means, with Wang Jing providing live, sonic exegesis of the city’s textural dimensions. The Inna Contemporary Art Space invited any listener with a fantasy along with those of our friends who had themselves also once at some point stood in Times Square to come together and engage in dialogue. 



Introduction to the Event: 

Conceptually speaking, today, people might at times often feel New York is already no longer a place outside of China’s borders. Not only does this allude to the fact that - once there - it’s more than possible to enter a world where one can exist solely by communicating in Chinese, but manifesting also in how when, during the period of the The Armory Show, masses of Chinese from across the globe flew into the city, converging there to come together in what amounted to a circumstance of festival-like proportions. If one wishes to pinpoint the more specifically generative, artistic significance of New York City for the artist, reference for this exists in the form of the two residencies Wu Juehui took part in early in 2014 at the EYEBEAM space whilst participating in the  Tsinghua Art & Science Media Laboratory (TASM) | Caroll Fletcher Chinese Artist Residency program.

Wu Juehui x Chen Xian

Speaker: Wu Juehui


Born 1980, Hangzhou, China

Currently tutor at the School of Intermedia Art (SIMA), China Academy of Art, Hangzhou


As a media artist, the interdisciplinary trajectories of Wu Juehui’s work manifest across numerous disciplines including interactive- and biological art, as well as media theatre. In recent years, the artist’s work has explored the various “hidden interfaces” connecting art and science, the body and the media. In addition to this, the artist has worked also to develop “Organs Project”, taking contemporary technologies and allowing these to function as a form of foreign genome, invading and reshaping the body and its sensory apparatus. In 2014, beginning with the series “Mistake Creature”, the artist took a mixture of media devices to mimic errors in the processes of biological genesis, resulting in a series of anomalies, themselves the basis for a dynamic installation.  


Wu Juehui has participated numerously in art fairs and exhibitions both in China and internationally, including the 2014 Annual Showcase, EYEBEAM, New York; the ZERO1 Biennial, CA, US; “TransLife”, Media Art In China 2011, The International Triennial of New Media Art, Beijing; “Synthetic Times — Media Art China 2008”, Beijing; “The Creators Project” 2014, Beijing; the SHIFT Electronic Arts Festival, 2011, Basel, Switzerland, amongst others.