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Re-Image 10

Artist: Sun Xun
Date: 2016.10.16-30
Venue: Inna Art Space
Add: Block No. 12,139 LiuHe Road, Hangzhou, China
Tel: +86-0571-87023522
Email: info@innart.org
Organizer: Inna Art Space

In April of this year, the Inna Art Spacewill present “Re-Image”, an extended engagement with image media and theirmodes of display inviting relevant practitioners from China and around theworld to gather and exhibit their work continuously for a period of two weeks.The project aims to exhibit and promote work made in image media and to providea platform from which to further examine and discuss this, thus stating thecase for image media based art.

What Happened in Past Dragon Year

9’35”  / Animation  / June,2014 / China / Chinese/English

“π” Animation Studio 


| A brieffilm synopsis in English


This short film originates from one of Magritte’s paintingnamed The Spontaneous Generation. It was inspired by Aldous Huxley’s novel Brave New World, which composed the Dystopia Trilogy along with Nineteen Eighty-Four and Мы, exploringthe different development progresses of human society. However, when it comesto China, things corresponded with such situation during the 30 or 40 years since I born.


At the beginning of Dragon Year 2 years ago, I was invited by an economic magazine CHINA Economic REVIEW to design the cover for January issue, requiring making prediction of this new year in China from the view of an artist. Thus,there came the images of 2 dragons in this film. But it is till this year hasthe film been completed so that it started from forecast, and was a review of the past time as well. It is related with my future life and also connects with thepast in which a moment turned to be eternal and this is the times of our lives,the past thoughts and experiences are waiting to be history, but I’m the person who goes through these things initiatively!


Magritte’s work is named The Spontaneous Generation, which means all the creatures develop from nonliving objects… The body carries the soul. But in the rapid changing world today, where do our consciousness, experiences, and even souls come from?