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Chen Dongfan:Rhythm Book Launch

Date: 2021.09.05
Open hours: SEP.05.2021
Venue: OōEli

Designed by Transwhite Studio and published by Inna Art Space, Chen Dongfan: Rhythm collects the artist Chen Dongfan’s work as featured in the eponymous exhibition. The book will be released at a book launch event in OōEli, at 3:00 PM on September 5, 2021.


“Rhythm” was a large-scale exhibition by Chen Dongfan at OōEli’s POP-UP Gallery, on view from February 26, 2021 to March 24, 2021. It was a phenomenal exhibition that attracted a myriad of viewers, welcomed visitors from multiple schools and institutions across all age groups, and hosted four innovative talk, painting, and live music events, winning an ardent and positive public response.


The word “Rhythm” embodies the essence of both life and art, which is further endowed with complex connotations amid turmoil in the current societal psyche. Since moving from Hangzhou to New York in 2014, Chen Dongfan: Rhythm is the first time that the artist reorganized and fully presented the years of his work in Hangzhou.


Chen Dongfan: Rhythm is an artist’s book that includes series such as Untitled, Nvwa, Forgotten Letters, Story, Half a Man, Landscape, Rooftop, Floor, and Pain and Glory, along with remarks by the artist himself. The book also features an interview of Chen Dongfan by independent curator Wang Jiang, titled In New York, or China, as well as Rhythm:Painting has spirit, a review of the exhibition by Wang Jiang.