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One day and another day

Artist: Ren Jie
Date: 2013.09.17-10.02
Opening: 2013.09.17, 19:00
Venue: No. 465, Hefang Street
Add: No. 465, HeFang Street


Ren Jian has a strong personality, without the usual affected manners of Shanghai girls, and is quite forthright and deft. I did not know her until she became my student, and therefore her work, the test piece used to apply as a Ph.D student, reached me before she met me in person. At the time I was already impressed by the cleverness and wit displayed in the artist's work.

After enrolling into our studio, Ren has shown she is very different from other students: seemingly she is always conceiving artworks, and is always grabbing materials around her, like old cartons, rags, scrap iron, all collected for her creation. I see many students treating art-making as if they were embarking on a huge project, which takes them lots of courage and long preparation time before even starting. But Ren is unique. She is consistently producing new small works that are conceptually interesting and playful. 

I believe this forthright girl actually has a sensitive wit. Because only people who are passionate toward life are capable of discovering the beauty of daily things and recording them. You can feel these everyday beauties in her understated and inspiring fibers artworks.

Those works are like fragments of her mind, and I am glad they get an opportunity to be collected and to be shared with others in the form of an exhibition--like a personal journal.



The art pieces pass me some feelings that I could not explain in words, and I tried to share this experience to others via the exhibition.

——Inna Xu

Artist’s Personal Statement

Daily surroundings and everyday objects is very appealing to me, especially those that are soft and small. I use the simplest way possible to process and re-organize them together. And through this method, every tiny material can compose together something that will go beyond each micro objects just simply combined. Such combination can create a new rhythm, metaphors and dialogue. They sometimes are pointing at the vague patterns, and sometimes simply suggest a possibility. These everyday yet hardly visible abstractions are what I find interesting. 

-- Ren Jie