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Only One Day

Curator: Inna Xu
Artist: Chen Dongfan
Date: 2014.08.17
Venue: Block No. 12,139 Liu He Road, Hangzhou, China
Organizer: Inna Art Space


Prior to the thorough renovation of their new premises, the Inna Contemporary Art Space have arranged “One Day Exhibition” to begin at ten in the morning, finishing at eight o'clock the evening of the same day. The exhibition opens to the public for but a single day, exhibiting almost one hundred new works produced by the artist Chen Dongfan during the period of the preceding six months.

Beginning in 2008, Chen Dongfan has worked on the serial project STORY, 1-8. The project has consisted mostly of work discussing issues of public space. Taking place along Hangzhou’s Hu Shu South Road, “STORY 4” “Tan-Te” (Not Sure) was subsequently subject to extensive coverage via the internet and television broadcasts, soon becoming well known among the public, winning their praise as “a most eye-catching mural”. Following this, having been invited to attend the event by curator Li Zhenhua, 2011’s STORY 6, “Where is Happiness” was included as part of 2011’s Art Basel Liste, with the artist’s solo exhibition “So Sweet—Chen Dongfan” opening at the Inna Contemporary Art Space in 2012 shortly following.

In 2013, STORY 9, “Children’s Stories” was orchestrated to develop across six different component parts, each tailored to respond to a different location and exploring the artist’s practice in relation to both its audience and space. Following the project’s conclusion, its contents were arranged to form a comprehensive publication. The first part of this segment of the STORY project, “Things are looking up, Words from the mouths of babes” took place in the children’s section of a local Hangzhou library as a dialogue with children from local nurseries and primary schools. For its second part, “Moon in the Water, Image in the Mirror / Shake Shake”, the artist devoted four months time to taking elements of his practice as a means to participate in the Hangzhou International Film Festival, concluding these projects by producing a faux-documentary in book-form. The STORY project’s third component, “A Site, Off-Site”, addresses the subject of mental or imaginary spaces, seeing the artist return from public space to the studio, taking the painting process and practical work as a means of clarifying certain issues pertinent to his inquiries.