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Sun Yunfan & Dave Liang: Flashbacks in a Crystal Ball

Artist: Dave Liang, Sun Yunfan
Date: 2019.09.07-10.10

Opening reception: Saturday, September 7, 6 — 9 PM

Dates: September 7 — October 10, 2019

Location: 371 Madison street #303 New York


Inna Art Space is pleased to present a two-person exhibition of work by Brooklyn-based artists and musicians Sun Yunfan and Dave Liang at the gallery’s New York location. This exhibition, both artists’ first with the gallery, will showcase the depth and breadth of their practice both collectively and individually. On view will be large- and small-scale paintings, a new series of stoneware sculptures, prints of original artworks for the duo’s various album covers, a DIY published cassette mixtape and vinyl record, music videos, and an autobiographical collaborative assemblage that strings together the creative trajectories of both artists.


With an intertwined career spanning over nearly a decade, galvanized by the duo’s electronic music band Shanghai Restoration Project, Liang and Sun have perspicaciously questioned the boundaries between art, music, design, media, technology, the collective and the personal. The exhibition takes its name, Flashbacks in a Crystal Ball, from the duo’s upcoming album, a collection of songs dedicated to “aha” moments: moments of reflection or intuition where one suddenly sees the past or the future in a different light. Both artists view art and music as different languages that describe the same world or same emotional experiences, and strike to balance “the naive” and “the sentimental” creative urges regardless of the medium. The result is their genre-bending, retro-futuristic, poetic, and enigmatic body of work that captures life’s glistening ripples.