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Gao Yuchu: Warped World

Curator: Liu Beining
Artist: Gao Yuchu
Date: 2023.11.04-12.20

Inna Art Space is honoured to announce that we will present "Warped World", a solo exhibition by

Yuchu Gao on 4 November 2023 at 3pm, which is also the first solo exhibition of her in China,

showcasing her most recent works.


In her work, faces and figures are in a constant state of flux. Her charcoal drawing characters are

depicted in a distorted and transformative form. She addresses the theme of femininity and

transformation, both physically and psychologically, as well as socially and culturally. Her paper

work is rich with charcoal powder, where light and heavy lines intermingle, highlighting her unique

artistic touch. Through the medium, she presents a multi-dimensional portrayal of the female figure

across various timelines, which offer a full and rich response to the present.


Viewers might recognise various female forms from different periods in human history within her

work, as well as the fusion and flux between the depictions. The portraiture carries the potential for

body transformation. Thus, time in historical artistry isn't strictly linear; it's re-envisioned as a

captivating mode of perception. Here, the fluidity of these emotional forms becomes the central

subject of experience.


This blend of time, history, and imagination is also evident in Gao's drawing series "Contemporary