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Curator: Inna Xu
Artist: Zheng Wenxin
Date: 2013.03.09-04.08
Opening: 2013.03.09, 15:00
Venue: No. 465, Hefang Street
Add: No. 465, HeFang Street
Organizer: Inna Art Space


No matter how the surrounding it would be, the young creators are always keeping thinking independently, regulating themselves, contemplating themselves to challenge themselves and make ground breaking. And these are precise and excellent qualities. Representing this kind of creating and thinking in front of our audience is all we want to do. The initial will of our exhibition is the same, too.

——Inna Xu

Self-Introduction by the Artist

Many contradictions in the life are generated from the colliding of the inner elements, they are also caused by men ourselves. Series of " "SILENCE"" are representing the inside man-made psychedelic harassments. I am always wanting to place and enumerate tools and properties in my paintings, their relationship appears to be familiar yet still somewhat weird and buzzard. In my sub-conscience, I often want to grant some uncertain emotions and feeling into them. Maybe it is so-called "Karmavarana" in Buddha. Unconsciously, people tends to make protection for themselves and get themselves into the safe-zones to not be interrupted. But they forget that the "Karmavarana" outside the safe-zones is originated from their hearts and minds, which is a simple phantom, the real “Kleshas” is their safe-zone itself, a pseudomorph, definitely. The opposite factors of the physical relationship make both parties lack the active recognitions between each other and get them farther and farther distant. The process of my painting is a process of self-curing at the same time. The contradictions I have presented is the shapes and status of the spiritual origin in the never-ending process of self-recognition. 

——Zheng Wenxin