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Chen Dongfan: Rhythm

Artist: Chen Dongfan
Date: 2021.02.26-03.20
Opening: 2021.02.26

Inna Art Space are proud to announce their invitation for a residence at OōEli’s POP-UP Gallery, pending the presentation of a large scale exhibition from Chen Dongfan, “Rhythm”. In addition to this being an important summary of and expressing the artist’s recent activities, the exhibition is a milestone, the first to assimilate and present anew and in full the several years of practice that have passed since his moving from Hangzhou to New York in 2014. 


“Breath”(Hu-xi)in Chinese and in English “Rhythm”, the exhibition titles imply repetitive, cycling cadences and in being not quite in sync with one another represent a longstanding custom of Chen Dongfan’s to take dislocation as a means to expand the implications of his lexicon and exhibition titles, a tactic originating in his experiences of living and working between cultures. 


As a biological process, the importance of breathing for survival needn’t be overstated. In adages such as “a fresh breath of life”, as in George Floyd’s “I can’t breathe”, the word assumes enduring, complex socio-psychological implications. From fitness training, through to music and the performative arts, all the way into Western spiritualistic practice, common, close emphasis, care and attention are paid to breath and breathing. This has furnished “breath” with deeper significance that of pursuing a deeper state of freedom in body and mind. Taking “Breath · Rhythm” as its titles and resonating also with 2017's “Heated Bloom”, the present exhibition attempts to express the artist’s attitudes and approach to art, society and the everyday.