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H.cooperi var Truncata

Curator: Chen Dongfan
Artist: Wang Fei
Date: 2013.10.05-11
Opening: 2013.10.05, 19:00
Venue: No. 465, Hefang Street
Add: No. 465, HeFang Street


The process of Wang’s being from a photography journalist, to a pure photographer, and now to a photographer having a solo exhibition, deserves attention. In the modern society of fickleness, a man keeps strong self-discipline needs to be shown to others.

——Inna Xu

Artist’ words

H.cooperi var Truncata

It’s an ordinary plant, named H.cooperi var Truncata.

In April.2013, it suffered a fire and got extensive burns. Its owner cleaned its scars by brush, and after two months’ intensive care, a new life bloomed.

In July, I packed this reborn plant into my luggage, to hike with me on Chhogori (K2), the second-highest mountain in the world. I wanted to inject more stories into the plant, and make its life even more wonderful.

On my journey, Muslim woman Sumirra in abaya, after being permitted by her husband, accepted my requirement of shooting a photo for her; roadman Rustam stopped his work to hold the plant; also, mountain guide Sakhawat Rajput, police Aftab Ahmad who patrols Rohtas Castle, and Sherpa Dawa who has reached the peaks of fourteen 8,000-plus meter-high snow mountains, as well as common waiters, farmers, soldiers, securities, and the unemployed, participated my project…The story moved them.

I love the nature, and I like to get close to nature via the method of hiking. Himalayas and Karakoram are like a lesson, a very old lesson which is about power of the nature and fragileness of people’s lives.

When I was back to the city, I saw it was full of material desires. The fast pace and better material condition of modern society has made people apathetic to many things, even emotions. People easily forget or get numb to things that always accompany them.