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Artists-in-detention Programme

Date: 2014.06.14-24
Opening: 2014.07.14, 17:00
Venue: No. 465, Hefang Street
Add: No. 465, HeFang Street
Organizer: Inna Art Space
Organizer: SAN XIAN TV


The ten-day-exhibition at Inna Contemporary Art Space will comprehensively present the artist’s creation during his detention. The Artist himself, named Blue (acted by Zhang Huate), is the leading actor of TV mini-series Blue Rises to Fame produced by San Xian TV. In addition, San Xian TV will closely track the whole process of detention, and have it produced as the 1.5th episodes of Blue Rises to Fame. During the exhibition, audiences may either accidentally break into the work site of our TV crew, or observe only a piles of objects which denote detention. These objects can be seen as a off-site detention of artist, as traces of  a studio, as physical evidences, and as something that beyond the story of this mini-series. Through bringing the fictional plot and the real exhibition together, the audiences, the audiences could gain a two-fold experience: appearing in the mini-series, and feel they presence at the exhibition scene. This is the first for San Xian TV to co-produce a program with Inna Contemporary Art Space. Please stay tuned!