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Taipei Dangdai x Inna Art Space

Artist: Chen Dongfan
Date: 2024.05.09-12

Inna Art Space is pleased to participate in the Taipei Dangdai 2024, which runs from May 9th to May 12th at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. We will present a solo project by artist Chen Dongfan, showcasing his large-scale abstract paintings titled "Untitled," created in his studio in New York, at booth DG03.


The expansive canvas is laden with layers of paint, swirling and heaping into indistinct forms. Vibrant splashes of orange-red and yellow scatter across the surface like flickering fireworks, while blues and blacks swirl together, evoking the deep sea or a nocturnal sky. The colors and shapes interact dynamically, sometimes seeming to burst forth towards the viewer, other times receding into the depths of the canvas. This interplay of forces—both pushing and pulling—generates a tactile friction between brush and canvas, forging the very life of the artwork in a complex dance of time and dimension.


A painting is typically seen as an object to be observed; however, when its scale exceeds the scale of human body, it transforms into a space where one can mentally and physically engage and wander. As attention dwells on a particular section of the vast canvas, the rest continues to evolve, seemingly still in creation. As the eye moves, each brushstroke conjures new interpretations, crafting unique emotional journeys with each viewing. The painting is a visual experience of narrative of power and tenderness, a testament to the historical and temporal romances that unfold with each shift of the viewer's gaze.