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lín láng mǎn mù

Date: 2023.01.08-02.15

As the end of this special year approaches, we have become increasingly immune to the constant changes and turmoil around us, and dialogue has given way to self-protection within imaginary factions. The art of flatness and detachment is exhausted but still simmering underneath. However, we believe art can still be relevant to abundance and daily life. Everything has just been stagnant for too long. It's time to ignite everything at this final node and celebrate anew!


Inna Art Space and Schein Space are honored to invite 70 artists to present one work each in the exhibition lín láng mǎn mù, meaning "a variety of beautiful things." We believe art can embody penetrating qualities in its lightness and a firm attitude in its warmth and joy.


lín láng mǎn mù will open at Inna Art Space at 3 pm on January 8, 2023, and will run until February 15, 2023. Relax and take a break, look around and look forward to the future - this is how the world should look like, and you can feel the divine amidst various beautiful things.



参展艺术家 Artists



敖乾枥 Chando Ao

宾雅 Bignia Wehrli

曹澍 Cao Shu

陈栋帆 Chen Dongfan

陈量 Chen Liang

陈欣 Chen Xin

陈轴 Chen Zhou

程然 Cheng Ran

大河 River

丁人远 Ding Renyuan

丁世伟 Ding Shiwei

董兆麟 Dong Zhaolin

方伟 Fang Wei