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Liao Wenfeng: Not Flower, Nor Non-Flower

Artist: Liao Wenfeng
Date: 2023.09.02-10.30
Opening: 2023.09.02

Inna Art Space is delighted to announce that on September 2nd, 2023, at 3 pm, we will present the solo exhibition of artist Liao Wenfeng titled "Not Flower, Nor Non-Flower" at our Hangzhou location. This exhibition will feature a series of oil and watercolor paintings by Liao Wenfeng, inspired by the imagery of the "orchid".


In traditional Chinese imagery and knowledge systems, the "orchid" holds significant references and is often associated with rhetoric methods, such as inspiration, virtue comparison, or symbolizing individuals. The metaphor of "Not Flower" first appeared in Bai Juyi's poetry. On one hand, it incorporates ancient Indian philosophy, advocating for freedom by stripping objects of their linguistic and figurative attachments. On the other hand, it encapsulates a typically Chinese expression of ambiguity, harking back to the aesthetic pleasure derived from sensory ambiguity. In Liao Wenfeng's series, while the orchid doesn't carry a moral analogy, under the artist's gaze, it exudes a pronounced "portrait" quality. When the flower is the subject of intense observation, its existence transcends the moment of scrutiny. As a result, the flower's existence becomes malleable, intertwining its perspective with human perception. While it seems the flower assumes a human quality, it's more about humanity recognizing its own uncertainties.