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Peishan Huang: Ripples and Folds

Artist: Huang Peishan
Date: 2023.12.30-2024.02.29

My daily practice is akin to mirroring my introspection from the surface of the lake when I sit beside it and observe the luminous reflection nearby. The sound of floor tiles behind me startles, propelling me to leap up, my hair slicing through the edge of ripples as I plunge into the folds.


Unfolding the tiniest fold, what is revealed will not be flat; one fold after another emerges from the layers of ripples. In this mix of converging and diverging experiences, in this endless folding, stretching, extending, proliferating, and nesting, space becomes a labyrinth of twists and turns, instantaneous and surging, while time stretches into an unending and unnameable continuum. Within the folds are the continuous entanglements and complexities of daily life, constantly evolving and giving rise to new perspectives.


I aspire to be a “fold thief”, a slender shadow navigating the balance between elegance and resilience. I wander through intersecting gaps, traverse enclosed boundaries, nomadic in a labyrinth without a center, and use subtle body language to convey the scenes I encounter.


Imagine a fold that spreads out to about 23 square meters, acting as a structured space to house various folds such as objects and people, and as a metaphor to bring the thoughts and voices of other folds into this maelstrom. Here, materials, tools, shapes, volumes, and colors intertwine, echoing with shouts, jokes, mumbles, sighs, and whimpers.