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Xuanxuan Xie: Bathed in the sun

Artist: Xie Xuanxuan
Date: 2022.09.10-10.20

Inna Art Space announces delightfully that we will present a solo exhibition themed Bathed in the sun for Xuanxuan Xie from September 10 to October 20, 2022, during which time nearly 20 oil paintings on canvas created by her over recent years will be showcased. These paintings, full of childishness, are vibrant in color and naive in style. The fantastic narration from the female perspective recounts the artist’s rich experience of life. Bright surface of the paintings delivers a pleasant mood to the audience, and in the meantime, it also reveals her obscure personal experience.


If sunshine permeates everywhere, there will be no hiding place for shadows. Perhaps because the sun was shining then, the shadows were no longer dark. Everything was charming and refreshing.   —Xuanxuan Xie


The exhibition theme — Bathed in the sun — is taken from a painting of the same name by Xuanxuan Xie. The works exhibited this time, full of poetry, are just like the artist’s eulogy for spring: “We welcome flowers, fruits and grape leaves. Flowers are bathing in sunshine, and spring sends off winter.” As Leo Tolstoy wrote in the Resurrection, “Despite scraping away every vestige of vegetation, cutting down the trees, turning away birds and beasts, and filling the air with the smoke of naphtha and coal, still spring was spring, even in the town.”


Xuanxuan Xie has utilized mixed and witty elements in her paintings to depict daily wonders. Her paintings are full of anthropomorphic characters and contradictory elements, creating a weird atmosphere but not lacking childlike innocence. With unique colors and shape language, she seeks to find a kind of “truth that can only be seen by stripping off the sweet wrappers”. Crown frequently appears in her paintings. Sunlight scatters from the crown, endowing chairs, flowers and fruits with new life. In her new work named 100 Little Red Flowers, the flowers hide in the shadows, presenting a metaphor of personalization. Xuanxuan Xie thinks that the scene in this painting means a challenge to the ubiquitous rewarding system in life. Things are not always black or white, and only careful reflection can lead us to the inner truth. She has an enlightened view on the changes in life—even if the sun was shining then and the clouds are gathering now, it is still a good thing.