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Artist: Walter Robinson
Date: 2017.08.19-10.19
Opening: 2017.08.19, 15:00
Organizer: Inna Art Space
Acknowledgement: Transwhite Studio



The Inna Art Space is proud to announce the opening on August 19. 2017 at 3p.m. of Walter Robinson, a self-titled solo exhibition of work by esteemed American artist and the first of his work to be staged on the Chinese mainland. The exhibition continues until October 19. 2017. 


Born in 1950, Walter Robinson works as an artist and is also an important art critic. He also founding editor of the online art journal Artnet Magazine. As an artist, his work both spans and expands the fields of painting and imagery; his incisive explorations taking things ubiquitous to American society as a point of departure. He harvests imagery from magazines, films, posters, advertisements, pamphlets and catalogues, all synonymous with American consumerist lifestyles and takes these as a means of responding to today’s consumer culture. Robinson’s works are not only call out the conventions and commonplaces of the American imaginary, but also manifests its emotional reality.


In the 1980’s, Robinson was part of the American Picture Generation. He has also been referred to as a Neo-pop artist. An innovative practitioner, Robinson’s work has addressed themes touched on by a number of other artists. He produced Spin paintings ten years earlier for instance than Damien Hirst did. He also “apprehended” and “re-implemented” images of nursing staff initially employed in advertisements earlier even than Richard Prince. In a career that has matured over a course of decades, Robinson’s reconfigurations of everyday vernacular imagery have produced visual forms to exhibit American culture in its many facets. His works have been exhibited and are held in the permanent collections of The Museum of Modern Art (New York), The Whitney Museum of American Art and other key institutions.