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Fangwei Flashing Restart

Artist: Fang Wei
Date: 2018.06.23-08.23
Opening: 2018.06.23, 15:00
Open hours: 2018.06.23——2018.08.23
Venue: Inna Art Space
Add: Block No. 12,139 LiuHe Road, Hangzhou, China
Tel: +86-0571-87023522
Email: info@innart.org
Organizer: Inna Art Space

Fangwei Flashing Restart

Inna Art Space are proud to announce Fangwei Flashing Restart, a solo exhibition by the artist opening June 23. and continuing until August 23. 2018. The exhibition is the artist’s fifth solo exhibition at Inna Art Space and acts as a sequel to the 2015 exhibition UNDER THE DOME. The exhibition presents work the artist has producing since 2017 taking allegory as its point of departure.

Following on from observations of both his everyday and inner lives made during years of “retreat” in Xiamen, the artist comes now to regard his name “Fang Wei” itself as a symbol denoting a collective struggle permeated both with existential joy and anxiety. Here, “Fang Wei” at once both functions as a template for personal narrative experience and projects a hidden life beyond the realms of imagination by way of allegory. Fangwei Flashing Restart denotes a cyclical motion: defined, inverted, then redefined — It also alludes to all the decisions, all the rearrangements the artist has enacted during this process in the face of his own limited lifespan.

Between late 2017 and early 2018, Fang Wei has used fleeting emotion and impulse as means to permit access to the labyrinths of thought and feeling wherein he grasps hold of errant memories. From amid the magnitude of this fragmentary life, the artist takes his own body and emotional memory and allows these to take effect upon the painted surface. Layering imagery which encompasses birds and plants, along with sculptural and human forms, a kind of calm poeticism permits that Fang Wei instil his work with momentary illusions of a lived “reality”.

About Fang Wei

Fang Wei graduated from the China Academy of Art’s Department of Integrated Fine Art in 2008. As of 2011 he has lived and worked in Xiamen and currently holds a teaching position in the Department of Painting at Xiamen Academy of Arts and Design, Fuzhou University. His practice takes painting as its primary medium and has consistently focused on allegorical images formed in the context of the everyday.

Solo exhibitions:

2015 Fang Wei: Under the Dome, Inna Art Space, Hangzhou, China 2013 Fang Wei: Psychedelic Land, Inna Art Space, Hangzhou, China 2012 Fang Wei: Glimmer, Inna Art Space, Hangzhou, China

Selected group exhibitions:

2014 Memorandum for Gaia, Power Station of Art, Shanghai, China

2014 Begin from Chaos, Inna Art Space, Hangzhou, China

2011 "Activism and the Intervention of the Media - the New Coordinate of the Chinese Youth", Die LISTE 17: the Young Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland

2008 Sceneries - Contemporary Art Exhibition, Tank Loft · Chongqing Contemporary Art Center, Chongqing