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Fang Wei

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Fang Wei

works and lives in Xiamen [Amoy] 


I start off by taking scenes and circumstances that move me and incorporate them into my  works. During the creation process, if by chance any images or moods happen to appear that have some sort of relation or connection I begin the process of blending them into the limited series of frames, a sort of fabricated theater.  Sometimes I’ll add elements to the scene, and sometimes Ill reduce elements or even alter them completely,  what I strive for is to make these measures taken seem as natural as possible, even if sometimes the scenes at first sight might not have much to do with each other. To me this form of painting a picture is the result of a perceptive process. Just like our concept of life is made up by many  fragmented periods that come to gather to form our understanding of it, in the end what is reveled is a balanced sense of vagueness.


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