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Psychedelic Land

Artist: Fang Wei
Date: 2013.10.21-11.13
Venue: No. 465, Hefang Street
Add: No. 465, HeFang Street
Organizer: Inna Art Space

Psychedelic Land ——Fang Wei’s Live project

This is a paper-made “scene” experiment, which is expected to compose a loose theater. “Land without owner” means things are uncivilized, or unidentified, and “the land” is a spot waits for battle and needs to be conquered. It is a slit between reality and illusion, and it involves two kinds of imagination: one is about how to choose unknown future, and the other is about self-struggle. The two parts symbolize people’s contradicts as well as people’s losing beliefs.

The way of organizing the “scene” by showing the process of making the exhibition has made me part of the “scene”, and thereupon the exhibition involves incidents and stories occurred during the period when we planned it. To the “scene”,  the process is the result.


Why would I show the scene of creation

The entire exhibition includes two parts, one is the scene of my creating,  and the other is the scene after creation. I hope to expose the procedure of creating, thinking and selecting to the public, and to make the process of constructing a studio into an exhibition place as  complete as a biological system. It might be interesting ad real to make the process happen in a public white box, in which artist, works undone yet, as well as visitors are counted part of the work being watched.Also the scene done in this way is like several pieces of momentoes to an acrcident, which are frigile and cannot be piles to one piece.  I want to re-recognize paintings and explore more ways of communicating with visitors.

——Fang Wei