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Under the Dome

Curator: Li Shengzhao
Artist: Fang Wei
Date: 2015.11.28-2016.01.08
Opening: 2015.11.28, 15:00
Open hours: 12:00-17:00(Tue.-Sun.)
Venue: Inna Art Space
Add: Block No. 12,139 LiuHe Road, Hangzhou, China
Tel: +86-0571-87023522
Email: info@innart.org


Under the Dome


“As for me, art is a kind of special way to experience and express the life, it’s deeply rooted into the sensation of our daily life, all the methodologies and aims are fermented and generated from it.”


                                                                                                                                - Fang Wei

Inner and Outer


The structure “Dome” divides inner and outer spaces with the possibility of linking them together. The relationship between the“Inner” and “Outer” has been a clue hidden in the creation of artist since 2008. The “Inner” is mysterious, unnerving, endless dark water; while the “Outer” is regulated, realistic, omnipresent existence similar to the air. The “Inner” is my desire, impulsion and excitement, the “Outer” is the regulated daily life that we have to suffer from, as it also implies Sigmund Freud’s “Es( 自我)”, “Ich( 本我)” and “Über-Ich( 超我)”. The “Inner” and “Outer” are different from each other, yet still entangling, interwindig and recycling with each other.