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Zheng Wenxin: Fragments of Memory

Artist: Zheng Wenxin
Date: 2022.11.05-2023.01.05

Curated by Wang Jiang


Inna Art Space is pleased to announce that Fragments of Memory solo exhibition of the artist Zheng Wenxin, is going to be rolled out on November 5th, 2022. The art works which will be exhibited are mostly the recent works. They are inspired by the screen experience in the digital era, these works conduct image tests through conceptualization. Meanwhile, extending the planarity featuring modernity, these paintings neither pursue complete narrative structures, nor simulate the daily world through depicting the real space. Hence, these works are the combination of concepts and painting, and the expression of individual’s perceptual experience.


The Chinese name of the exhibition “Memories Collected from Parameters”. On one hand, the theme points out the source of prototypes of images used by the artist, that is, the social media apps on smart phones, on which the images of the prototypes were formed and transmitted through the digitalization process. On the other hand, the second-hand feature of these image materials and the incidental access to them are demonstrated. As “incidentally accessed images” stimulating the artist’s desire to explore their expressive force, they have been repeatedly tailored, zoomed in, juxtapose, and modified by the artist in her creative thinking, before becoming a picture with psychological enlightenment. What needs to be indicated is that many works in the exhibition have seen interruptions of thinking, suspension of judgement and emotions from reminiscence in the long period of time from the start to the end of creation, which endows the pictures with tender feelings. Just as said by Zheng Wenxin, “if excessive information fragmentation brings us the reality of intensified entropy, my painting process is just reducing such entropy, and my emotions are released in such process”.