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Mie Yim: Saints, Shamans, and Batshit Crazies

Curator: Liu Beining
Date: 2023.04.08-05.31

Saints, Shamans, and Batshit Crazies


Inna Art Space is proud to announce the first solo exhibition in China by American artist Mie Yim, which will open on April 8th, 2023. The exhibition will feature her recent works including eight on canvas and twelve on paper. Concurrently, the artist will also have two related solo exhibitions at gallery spaces in New York - "Belladonna" at Olympia Gallery (March 31 - May 6) and "Nightshade" at Simone Subal Gallery (April 14 - May 20).

The two exhibitions in New York are titled after poisonous plants of the Solanaceae family, while the exhibition in Hangzhou, "Saints, Shamans, and Batshit Crazies," uses a personified metaphor to create a dialogue among the three exhibitions. The roles of saint, shaman, and batshit crazies exist in the dichotomy of "selflessness" and "selfhood," and these three distinct identities flow into each other, generating a sense of extreme fragmentation and fluidity in Yim's works.


Obsession and Contradiction


Mie Yim's studio is located in the Bronx, far away from the ritzy areas of the city. This spacious studio has high ceilings and is filled with sunshine, which makes one feel relaxed and comfortable. According to Yim, "In New York City, this is one of the few remaining artists' studio buildings that are still raw."

An artist's work is a fusion of various influences, loves, and obsessions. Within Yim's work, there are also many other artists’ influences, such as Philip Guston, Willem de Kooning, Caravaggio, Zurbaran, Pontormo, Louise Bourgeois, etc. The furry toys in her works come from the artist's early experiences, and she enjoys the mixed feeling that it brings to her works, which are filled with contradictory elements.